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Anthem Consulting Engineers PLLC is an owner-operated engineering design firm based on: professional integrity, trust, and technical excellence.


FDOT Work Group 

3.1 - Minor Highway Design

3.2 - Major Highway Design

3.3 - Controlled Access Design

6.1 - Traffic Engineering Studies

6.3.1 - Intelligent Transportation Systems Analysis and Design

6.3.2 - Intelligent Transportation Systems Implementation

6.3.3 - Intelligent Transportation Traffic Engineering Systems Communications

7.1 - Signing, Pavement Marking, and Channelization

7.2 - Lighting

7.3 - Signalization

13.7 - Transportation Studies


ANTHEM's purpose is to create a people-first community led by a culture founded on trust and collaboration. We aim to incorporate our values into the engineering community by prioritizing safety, innovation, inclusivity, creativity, and reliability. By conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity, we strive to forge enduring bonds and prosperous partnerships.  


Cultivate and sustain a reputation where ANTHEM is our community and partners' preferred 21st-century engineering firm.

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